This Hour Has 50 minutes

Writing Therapy Notes with Dr. Maelisa Hall

January 10, 2022 Dr. Maelisa Hall Season 3 Episode 38
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Writing Therapy Notes with Dr. Maelisa Hall
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Struggle with staying on top of writing therapy notes? You’re not alone. Many clinicians struggle with documentation. Dr. Maelisa Hall joins me to discuss why clinicians struggle with writing progress notes (and it’s not just time management!). She shares some of her best tips for writing efficient and clinically meaningful therapy notes including one I’ve implemented immediately after our chat. She also gives examples of how to document difficult clinical situations such as when a crime has occurred or when abuse has taken place.

Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist, nail design enthusiast, and serial entrepreneur. Maelisa helps therapists connect meaning to the typically mundane task of clinical paperwork through her business QA Prep. She enjoys creating trainings that are interactive and engaging so that clinicians leave with strategies they feel ready to use immediately. A true ENFP, Maelisa aims to make sure all of her endeavors are meeting a need in the community while also allowing for plenty of laughter and fun.

How Maelisa became the "Documentation Diva". 
Maelisa's "QUOTE" system for understanding the barriers to completing  progress notes
Maelisa's favorite tips for staying on top of therapy notes and documentation
How to handle those old notes that you just can't seem to remember in detail
How to write notes for complex clinical situations

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