This Hour Has 50 minutes

Managing Holiday Stress with Dr. Nick Wignall

December 10, 2021 Dr. NIck Wignall Season 2 Episode 37
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Managing Holiday Stress with Dr. Nick Wignall
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Dr. Nick Wignall and I talk about meaningful ways to experience less stress over the holidays including how to set boundaries AND uphold them. Nick shares why people have difficulties holding boundaries and shares strategies for long-term success that will carry us through the year and beyond.

Dr. Nick Wignall is a clinical psychologist who previously worked as a therapist in private practice helping adults with anxiety and insomnia. Dr. Wignall is now focused on on writing and teaching about emotional health on a broader scale, through his blog, his podcast, his courses, as well as consulting for organizations interested in wellbeing and personal growth.

Why people struggle with prioritizing their well-being over the holidays
What is the real reason people have trouble setting boundaries and upholding them
How to set better boundaries
Long-term strategies for managing holiday stress
Ways therapists can help their clients improve stress management
How to handle breaks in therapy over the holidays

Book:  Let it Be Easy by Susie Moore

Dr. Nick Wignall
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