This Hour Has 50 minutes

Anxiety in Children with Dr. Regine Galanti

September 06, 2021 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 2 Episode 33
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Anxiety in Children with Dr. Regine Galanti
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Dr. Regine Galanti is with me to talk about anxiety in children. We talk about what this return to school may look like for children and how to support them. If you’re looking for some strategies to try today you can go to for a free handout with 10 strategies to reduce reentry anxiety. Regine and I also talk about the ways that children and parents inadvertently cause anxiety to grow and some specific things you can do right away that can reduce a child’s anxiety. In the lessons from the couch, I also talk about the mistakes we may be making as clinicians that reinforce the anxiety.

Free Handout with 10 Strategies to Reduce Re-entry Anxiety
Dr. Galanti's New Book: When Harley Has Anxiety
Dr. Galanti's 1st Book: Anxiety Relief for Teens: Essential CBT Skills and Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Anxiety and Stress
Free anxiety tools: Anxiety Canada Website

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