This Hour Has 50 minutes

Supporting Families through Divorce with Dr. Jodi Peary

August 21, 2021 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 2 Episode 32
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Supporting Families through Divorce with Dr. Jodi Peary
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Dr. Jodi Peary joins me to discuss Supporting Families Through Divorce. As a psychologist and former family lawyer, Dr. Jodi shares her thoughts on how to navigate the complexities of divorce, ways to lessen the impact on families and help people become enlightened co-parents. Dr. Jodi opens up about what her own relationships taught her about marriage and divorce.

Dr. Jodi Peary is a psychologist and former family lawyer who helps individuals and families emerge from divorce happy and whole and helps them to co-parent in a way that promotes the well-being of all family members.


How to handle high conflict co-parenting sessions
Answering the Question “are we messing up our children”
How to share news of a separation/divorce with children
How Dr. Jodi’s own experiences shaped her understanding of divorce
The impact of the extended family on the divorce
Using rituals to help children navigate divorce
Dr. Jodi’s programs Breakup to Brilliance and Empowered Co-Parenting

Course: From Breakup to Brilliance
Course: Enlightened CoParenting

Dr. Jodi Peary

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