This Hour Has 50 minutes

Empowering Kids through Assessment & Feedback with Dr. Liz Angoff

May 25, 2023 Tamara Soles, PhD Season 4 Episode 54
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Empowering Kids through Assessment & Feedback with Dr. Liz Angoff
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Dr. Liz Angoff joins host Dr. Tamara Soles in this enlightening episode as they discuss the transformative potential of collaborative co-construction in psychological assessments.  Explore how actively involving children in shaping assessment questions and engaging in feedback dialogues enhances their understanding of their own brains and empowers them to advocate for themselves. Gain practical tips, real-life examples, and insights on delivering empowering feedback that fosters a growth mindset and self-efficacy. Whether you've been a psychologist for 2 years or 20, this powerful episode will reveal the immense power of collaboration, self-discovery, and the lifelong benefits of involving children in their own assessment journey.

How to empower kids even before the intake session
Co-constructing a narrative of "highways" and "construction zones"
Framing the assessment question from the child's point of view
How to conduct feedback with a child
Overcoming objections from parents

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What is Neurodiversity video for kids

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