This Hour Has 50 minutes

Self-Esteem with Risa Williams, LMFT

March 01, 2023 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 4 Episode 49
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Self-Esteem with Risa Williams, LMFT
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Learn the science-backed tools that therapist and author Risa Williams created to help clients boost their self-esteem and ultimately heal her own. Risa shares how surviving the highly competitive worlds of professional ballet and the Hollywood film industry and shifting into motherhood as a therapist helped her develop the practical strategies in her latest book, "The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit"

Risa Williams is a Los Angeles therapist and coach who specializes in anxiety reduction tools and time management techniques. Her latest book “The Ultimate Self-Esteem Tool Kit is out now. She's also the author of "The Ultimate Time-Management Toolkit" and The "Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit".  Risa is a university professor and a wellness magazine writer. You can also hear her on her podcast, The Motivation Mindset. 

The Kindness Blanket
The research on self-criticism and self-soothing
The difference between naturally optimistic people and pessimistic people
Why people reject compliments 
How to shift negative self-talk
The power of microthoughts 
Using humor and playfulness to support self-esteem
The Neural Negativity Bias

The Ultimate Self-Esteem Tool Kit
The Motivation Mindset Podcast

Risa Williams, LMFT

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