This Hour Has 50 minutes

Psychotherapy and Traumatic Brain Injury

January 24, 2023 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 4 Episode 47
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Psychotherapy and Traumatic Brain Injury
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Dr. Tamara Soles welcomes guest Dr. Jen Blanchette who breaks down how psychologists may be better equipped
to support TBI than they think. She shares how to leverage the core pillars of brain health and dispels myths around treatment for
TBI’s. Dr. Jen highlights the importance of understanding the emotional “trauma" in a traumatic brain injury.   

Dr. Jen Blanchette is a licensed psychologist, neuro-coach, and private practice owner.  Her specialization includes psychotherapy after brain injury incorporating cognitive rehabilitation, trauma therapies, and mindfulness approaches. Dr. Blanchette is the host of the TBI Therapist podcast which explores the intersections of mental health, trauma, and brain injury. She is a brain health consultant and coach for leaders, professionals, and athletes. With four degrees in psychology and deep knowledge of neuroscience she brings her knowledge to leaders and athletes to function at their best!

The unexpected way Dr. Jen became an expert on TBI
Emotion regulation and TBI
Understanding the Trauma in TBI
The interplay between anxiety and TBI recovery
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Myths in TBI treatment

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TBI Therapist Podcast
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