This Hour Has 50 minutes

Time Management with Risa Williams

October 05, 2022 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 3 Episode 43
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Time Management with Risa Williams
Show Notes

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Risa Williams returns to the podcast to discuss time management. Risa has compiled her favourite time management and productivity Tools for Adults with ADHD and Chronically Busy People. Listen to find out how to get in (and out!) of the flow state, how to get past the wall of resistance and the best ways to hack your to-do list. Find out if my current obsession would help you prime your brain and how a red dish may the solution to your missing keys.

Risa Williams is a Los Angeles therapist and coach who specializes in anxiety reduction tools and time management techniques. Her latest book “The Ultimate Time-Management Toolkit for Adults with ADHD and Chronically Busy People is out now. (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2021) Risa is a university professor and a wellness magazine writer. You can also hear her on her new podcast, The Motivation Mindset. 


Science-based strategies for improving time management
Identifying the intensity of tasks
Priming the brain for productivity
Getting into the flow state
How to downshift from tasks
Using time buffers to reset
How microthoughts impact productivity
Getting past the Wall of Resistance
Sticking with Time Boundaries
How to improve a to-do list

The Ultimate Time Management Tool Kit
The Motivation Mindset Podcast

Risa Williams, LMFT

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