This Hour Has 50 minutes

Fair Play: Promoting Gender Equity in the Home with Lauren Tetenbaum

August 22, 2022 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 3 Episode 40
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Fair Play: Promoting Gender Equity in the Home with Lauren Tetenbaum
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Dr. Tamara Soles and therapist and advocate Lauren Tetenbaum discuss the Fair Play Method and how to promote gender equity in the home. Lauren shares the impact of emotional and cognitive labor on women and the ways to use communication, values, and clarified expectations to help make our homes and our lives fair for women. Lauren describes the Fair Play Model's key elements and how a therapist can support a couple in utilizing this method.
Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C is an advocate and therapist certified in perinatal mental health who specializes in life transitions affecting millennial and young women. With an approach grounded in empathy and emotional intelligence, Lauren counsels clients on romantic relationships, career choices, pregnancy and parenting, anxiety, and family dynamics. She offers cognitive behavioral and feminist-based psychotherapy to individuals and couples. A mother of two with over a decade of experience in the legal industry, Lauren also facilitates support groups for working, new, and aspiring parents and provides consulting and mental health coaching to support parents in corporate settings. She is passionate about building connections and giving back to her community.

-       Definition of maternal mental load and emotional labor

-       The word used by most women across 17 countries to describe their emotional experience

-       The impact of gender inequities on women’s mental health

-       What is The Fair Play Method

-       The key elements of the Fair Play Method

-       How therapists can support clients in enacting this method


Lauren Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C
Instagram: @thecounselaur

Dr. Tamara Soles
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