This Hour Has 50 minutes

Hacking Deficit Thinking in Schools with Dr. Byron McClure & Dr. Kelsie Reed

February 07, 2023 Dr. Tamara Soles Season 4 Episode 48
This Hour Has 50 minutes
Hacking Deficit Thinking in Schools with Dr. Byron McClure & Dr. Kelsie Reed
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How do we end deficit based-educational systems that disproportionately harm minoritized students and move from what's wrong to what's strong? Dr. Kelsie Reed and Dr. Byron McClure join me to reframe deficit thinking and provide practical strategies to move toward strength-based, equitable schools. 

Dr. Byron McClure, D.Ed., is a nationally certified school psychologist and founder of Lessons For SEL. He uses research and human-centered design thinking to build empathy, ideate, and co-create equitable solutions, which put the needs of people first. While formerly serving as the assistant director of school redesign at a high school in Southeast Washington, DC, he reimagined social-emotional learning. With a focus on systems level change, he ensures students from high-poverty communities have access to a quality education. He has done considerable work advocating for fair and equitable practices for all students, particularly for African American boys. He has designed and implemented school-wide initiatives such as SEL, restorative practices, MTSS, and trauma-responsive practices. Dr. McClure speaks across the country and believes in shifting from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

Dr. Kelsie Reed is a nationally certified school psychologist who works at the elementary school level in Maryland. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with her PhD and was the recipient of two awards for her dissertation titled, “Investigating Exclusionary Discipline: Teachers, Deficit Thinking, and Root Cause Analysis.” Dr. Reed also received awards for her dissertation work through the Society for the Study of School Psychology & the American Educational Research Association. Dr. Reed is passionate about advancing educational equity for minoritized students, disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline, and identifying and implementing alternatives to suspension. She has presented at the community, state, and national levels on school discipline practices and disparities, published in various journal articles, book chapters, and community journals on topics such as restorative practices, school-based consultation practices, juvenile justice youth re-entry into schools, and school discipline reform.

What is Deficit Thinking?
Reframing what's wrong to what's strong
Humanizing our Data
Using Satellite Data and Street Data
Doing Strength based observations
Strength-based Measures
Changing Systems not individuals

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